10 Watches Under $100

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I must confess that I’ve never really been a watch person.

First off, I can’t really even tell time on them… all of those tiny, little tick marks run together making it impossible to tell accurate time (this is according to me). Other watches I’ve seen only have a couple numbers on them, which helps SLIGHTLY and some of the most beautiful watches have absolutely NOTHING on the face! No numbers, no tick marks… Nada. I mean, trying to read something like this, your very best approximation could be off by several hours (again this is according to me).

Anyways, that’s enough of me burdening you with my own personal struggles of not being able to tell time properly at almost 30 years old…But against my better judgment, I’ve decided to purchase my first adult wristwatch. I won’t really be using it to tell time though; I have my iPhone for that, duh! So I’m in the clear from making a fool of myself. I’m basically buying it because they look amazing and I feel like it will help me look more adult-ish!

Ok, lets move on to check out my top 10 picks! Shop the links below and let me know which ones are your faves! All styles are under $100. I ended up purchasing #1 AND #6. I just couldn’t pass up that gorgeous blush; leather band of #1 and it has plenty of tick marks! If I can’t tell time on that, there is no hope for me! Also, check out #6 it looks super high end, but was on MEGA SALE for $18!! Yes, I said $18!!!  Hope you enjoy!

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