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Hello! I’m Laney and I’m SUPER excited that you’re here!  I’m a Northwest Arkansas based fashion designer, lipstick aficionado, guacamole connoisseur, and now I’ve decided to add lifestyle blogger extraordinaire to my repertoire.

Wait. Back up. Yes. I said ARKANSAS based fashion designer.

You may be asking yourself, “They have fashion in Arkansas?!?” Yes, believe or not, it’s actually true. But first, let me give you a quick little background story on how I arrived here….

My family moved to Arkansas when I was just a kid (I’m still not really sure why exactly, but that’s not the story I’m trying to tell…) Life was good, but always felt like I wanted more… so after graduating high school I packed my bags and flew off to New York City to attended FIT (The Fashion Institute of Technology). For 4 years I slaved away as a design student. Pulling all-nighters to create hideous ensembles that NO ONE in their right mind would ever wear… but in the end, after all of the chiffon ruffles and lace appliqués, I actually learned a thing or two about fashion and myself.

After college, I pursued my dreams as a fashion designer and worked my butt off for several years in the heart of midtown Manhattan, designing sleepwear of all things (hey, beggar’s can’t be choosers)!!

Fast forward 5 years later… and I just wasn’t happy. NYC ain’t so glamorous when you are making pennies, and all of those pennies go towards rent for an absurdly overpriced studio apartment and a full-blown shoe shopping addiction (Damn you DSW for being so amazing!!!) So, with all that being said, I decided to make a change…

I moved back home to good ol’ Arkansas! The transition back to life in the rural suburbs hasn’t been a bed of roses, sometimes in fact, it is actually a bed of total and complete crap… but, as I look back on all of my life choices, I prob wouldn’t change a whole lot. Let’s see here… I’ve now landed myself a hot southern man, snapped up a charming little house on a quite street and now we are livin’ out our dream together!

Now that you’ve met me, lets talk about this LANEYBIRD blog situation! So. Take my love for fashion, food, house stuff, beauty and relationships and cram it alllllll together in to one place… you get LANEYBIRD. It’s basically an all-encompassing space of all things awesome (according to me & hopefully you too!!).

Ocean 1_1

Anyways… A few more quick things that I feel like you must know about me and then we can move on…

Mexican Food = the greatest everrrr

Coffee is a MUST

Cats are amazing

Shoes – I can’t even

HGTV Channel – why can’t I stop watching?!

Lipstick is my best friend

Summer Time = the BEST time

All right! Enough about me… Can we be friends already? I want to hear from you! Join me on this crazy journey, reach out via email (laneybirdblog@gmail.com) or Instagram (laneybirdblog). Can’t wait to hear from you! And thanks again for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!



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