My Top 5 Under $10

5 Things Under $10

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I know that this weekend in particular is filled with amazing sales that only come around once or twice a year. Instead of sharing with you where the best sales are (you can just Google those), I wanted to share my current favorite items that are already at amazingly cheap prices! My top 5 picks are all under $10!! Yep, you heard right, UNDER $10! It brings me so much joy finding great deals on things, so I’m passing these frugal finds along to you.

I have been DYING to get one of those head wraps with the metal wires in them so you can bend and twist it however you want, ever since I saw this Dolce & Gabbana one online. It’s SO amazing! My pick is a fraction of what they are charging and it has a really similar look!

I did happen to order the number 2 target earrings and they are fantastic! They look (and feel) wayyyy higher end than the price point that they are at. I had been coveting these earrings by Madewell, and at $35, it’s not a terrible price to pay. But, $7.99 for the target ones?! I had to get them, and they are similar to the geometric look that I was after. It was meant to be!

Happy shopping and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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